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The village of Zhirgalan has fully opened for tourism in the summer of 2017, many local residents have converted their houses as guest houses suitable for accommodation and meeting the needs of international travelers. Some residents built new houses in the village, yurts and dormitories, using their innate sense of hospitality, they designed comfortable and cozy rooms to make guests feel welcome. Staying overnight in Zhyrgalan is more than a night in a new place. You take part in an international cultural exchange and tourist project that directly benefits the local people.

Accommodation options are presented below, everything is managed by local people, and thus your money is directly supported by their families and local economy.

All owners of guest houses are members of the Zhyrgalan Destination and they have undertaken obligations – to transfer part of their income to social projects in the village.

Curious to experience true Kyrgyz hospitality? Visit Jyrgalan and you will see their genuine sincerity and cordiality, embedded in the mentality and culture of the Kyrgyz

Note. There are no restaurants in the village of Zhyrgalan and there are only small shops, so the guest houses offer home-cooked meals for travelers. Breakfast is included in the cost of living, while lunch and dinner are offered at a set price of 400 soms per person. If you are going to go horse riding or cycling for one day, then you will be provided with a box lunch for 350 soms.

If you are a vegetarian or have special dietary needs, please inform the owner of your house in advance so that they can prepare special dishes (dietary restrictions are taken into account). Here is a brief overview of the services offered in the guest houses of the village.

Guest house "Alakel - Zhyrgalan"

The guest house Alakel-Jyrgalan has double and triple rooms with private or shared bathrooms. There is also the possibility to spend the night in a yurt for 900 soms / person / night. Guests can also enjoy the terrace, bar and shared lounge. Free Wi-Fi is also provided. There is a possibility to rent a Finnish sauna. There is a rental of ski equipment and trips, as well as car rental. Rental of ski equipment and equipment for hiking, as well as car rental. Emil and Gulmira are looking forward to meeting you

Guest house "Baytur"

Guesthouse Baitur is a small family hotel, there is a triple room with a shared bathroom for travelers. The cost of accommodation in a yurt is 900 soms / person / night. Room rates include breakfast, and homemade meals are available on request. Bermet can help to organize any tours and participation in events in the area. She and her family are looking forward to you.